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How to Select a Fertility Clinic

Transcription by Dr. Rinku Mehta

It’s really difficult to know who to go to. There are a lot of fertility clinics, especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Who do you choose? What sets them apart?

Education is a top priority

One of the big things that sets us apart is the attention to detail and the personalized care. The physicians see every patient ourselves every time. One of the other things that we take great pride in doing is educating our patients about the journey they’re about to take. IVF is a complicated journey. There’re a lot of steps involved, there’s a lot of science involved. This is something that we want our patients to feel comfortable with. We do a special educational session with our patients. Every patient who goes through IVF comes to this educational session where they can learn about the lab. They learn how ICSI [intracytoplasmic sperm injection] is done, how the embryos are taken care of, how they are cultured. They see videos, they learn about the technologies we use. I think that is a very important factor: The patient should have an understanding of all aspects of their treatment and be comfortable with the decision that they’re making.

Don’t rely on success rates

Dr. Marius Meintjes
Any clinic can be good for a limited period of time. In other words, any clinic can have 100 percent pregnancy rates for this week, but maybe they’ve only seen one patient. The secret is: Can they have a good result consistently? Once you get to the end of a fertility treatment, nobody can guarantee you that you’re going to get a good result. However, it’s very important to be able to look back and to have no regrets, so you want to make sure that the clinic is doing the utmost best that they can using all the resources, all the technology that they can. Technology allows us to help more patients, it allows us to help patients in a better way, and it also helps us to get better results with less invasion and less effort.

Personalized, compassionate care is important

Dr. Rinku Mehta
Another thing that sets us apart is our staff. From the front desk to the nurses to the embryologist, every person is committed to the patient’s success. We work our best to accommodate their needs, to schedule their appointments. We know their story. Patients are not just a number to us; we know what’s going on in their lives, and this comes by having the personal connection. Every time they come in, they see their doctor, they have the same nurses, we ask how they are doing, how they are feeling, what’s going on in their lives, what vacation they have planned. We know our patients very well, and that’s something to be said: We form those connections and we keep those connections. People will visit us with their babies, they’ll send us pictures all the way until their kids are teenagers. That doesn’t come without forming that personal bond.

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