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The Amazing Variation in IVF Cost Around The Country – and Around Texas

I often get calls from friends or acquaintances asking for advice about in vitro fertilization (IVF). One of the things that has always struck me is how different IVF cost can be based on where you live.

For instance, a basic IVF cycle in Atlanta, New York and San Francisco without intracytoplasmic sperm injection(ICSI) or preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) is about $15K on average. Although this is a high price tag, understandably these are some of the most expensive places in the country to live in, with respect to cost of living compared with our neck of the woods in Texas.

That being said, it also amazes me how widely IVF cost varies in the same region. For instance, within the DFW metroplex itself, cost varies from as low as $8K for IVF to $12K in the same city.

Between Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, the average IVF pricing is the lowest in the DFW metroplex.

IVF is definitely something you do not want to “bargain hunt” for. However, given that we have one of the best IVF laboratories in the country and our patients see their own physician for every visit/sonogram, I find it hard to justify how some of our neighboring clinics can charge so much more.

Frisco Institute for Reproductive Medicine’s IVF pricing is definitely below that of many of our local competitors.

Our Philosophy on IVF Cost

"We have always had the philosophy of making things affordable for patients to the best of our abilities, so that financial stress is not the only factor keeping a couple from building their family."

Cost is a big consideration but so is quality of care, where we really excel.

  • Our lab has some of the most advanced technologies being utilized.
  • Our scientific director Marius Meintjes is world renowned in his expertise in human embryology and is an invited speaker to many IVF conferences around the world as well as within the United States.
  • We see some of the most complex cases and other infertility doctors in the city have referred their difficult patients to us for our expertise.

I would encourage patients to do some research on what is available in their vicinity before making the commitment to do IVF at any clinic. Some important questions to have answered before committing to a clinic:

  • Do you get to see your own doctor at each visit, or is your care done by nurses and sonographers or doctor of the day?
  • Do you get your questions answered in a timely manner?
  • Is the staff pleasant and easy to work with?
  • Do you trust that your doctor and clinic are giving you the best care possible?
No clinic can guarantee a baby, even with IVF. But it is our promise to give you the best science and technology available – and to do it with compassion and care.

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