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Understanding Pregnancy Rates


I am really excited now about our pregnancy rates. Our pregnancy rates have been phenomenal since we started freezing all embryos. We now use frozen embryos for about 90 percent of cycles (as opposed to fresh IVF cycles). In recent years a lot of data has come out suggesting that the endometrium is compromised during a fresh IVF cycle because of the high hormone levels and stimulation involved. When we freeze embryos for a cycle, the uterus is able to calm down. When we’ve re-implanted the embryos the following month, pregnancy rates have improved phenomenally. This has also improved birth outcomes. Birth weights are now normalized. IVF used to get blamed for low birth weight, but now birth weights are normal. Embryos created from frozen embryo transfer cycles are now similar to those created form natural conception. Pregnancy related complications, such as preterm labor and preeclampsia, have also reduced significantly since frozen embryo transfer has become more common. I’m really excited about how pregnancy rates have improved with such a simple change. Vitrification technology, which is used to freeze embryos, has proved to be highly successful. The embryos that are frozen come out pretty much the same quality as before they were frozen. There is very little loss of embryos with this technology. In our lab all embryos have been vitrified for many years, so we are very experienced with this technology. In the last three months we had 100 percent pregnancy rate, which is incredible.

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