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On-Site Surgery Center - Frisco Location

Our On-Site Surgery Center

For our patients’ convenience and to ensure we provide great attentive care, we offer all our fertility services under one roof in Frisco, TX, including surgery to address fertility problems. Our Frisco Reproductive Surgery Center is certified by the Texas Department of Health and the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF).

Consultation & Exam Rooms

Our consultation and exam rooms are decorated with soothing colors and comfortable seating so that you feel at ease to talk to your doctor. We understand that during your consultation, your most personal and intimate details of your unexplained fertility or suspected infertility condition will be discussed. We hope you feel this is a safe space to trust us with your story along with your medical and sexual health history.

IVF Laboratory

Our IVF Laboratory contains highly purified and chemically scrubbed air for embryo incubation. Brimming with some of the latest technology in the industry, our IVF Laboratory includes cryopreservation equipment, large liquid nitrogen units, and an EmbryoScope® (ES). ES allows us to view developing embryos through time-lapse and aids in the decision process of which embryo to transfer.

Operating Rooms

While some fertility clinics use their exam rooms for procedures, this limits the type of procedures and level of sedation used during treatments. You will have a different experience at FIRM with our on-site surgical suite. To maximize our patient’s comfort, our on-site surgery center allows our doctors to perform surgical procedures and fertility treatments with a higher level of sedation. Our operating room is also situated next to our laboratory so that our embryologists can provide the highest levels of care to our patient’s embryos without any time delay. Diagnostic, therapeutic, and outpatient reproductive surgical procedures, such as hysterosalpingogram, oocyte (egg) retrievals, embryo transfers, and hysteroscopies are performed in these operating rooms.

Pre and Post-Operation Rooms

Due to the importance of privacy for couples and families when dealing with infertility, all surgery center patients have their own individual pre-operative and recovery suites, providing a welcome sense of comfort. Fertility nurses and physicians closely monitor patients throughout the course of surgery and recovery. We can also accommodate patients on short notice for various treatments.