On-Site Surgery Center

The Frisco Reproductive Surgery Center is certified by the Texas Department of Health and the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. Our on-site surgery center provides a comforting and convenient place for infertility patients to have their surgery, either before or during fertility treatment.

Two well-equipped operating rooms are dedicated specifically to infertility patients. Most diagnostic, therapeutic and outpatient reproductive surgical procedures, such as hysterosalpingogram, oocyte retrievals, embryo transfers and hysteroscopies, are performed in these operating rooms.

Due to the importance of privacy for couples and families when dealing with infertility, all surgery center patients have their own individual pre-operative and recovery suites, providing a welcome sense of comfort. Fertility nurses and physicians closely monitor patients throughout the course of surgery and recovery.

Operating Rooms & Assisted Reproduction Labs | FIRM
Embryo Transfer Room | FIRM Surgery Center
Pre-operative Suite | FIRM Surgery Center
Operating Room | FIRM Fertility Surgery Center
Operating Room 2 | FIRM Fertility Surgery Center

With all of our services under one roof, we can accommodate patients on short notice for various treatments. We designed our facilities so patients can feel at ease going to the same location for all appointments and treatments, provided by the fertility doctors and nursing staff they are familiar seeing.