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EmbryoScope Increases IVF Success

Dr. Meintjes shares how this new technology helps increase IVF patients’ chances of parenthood.

EmbryoScope | Frisco Institute for Reproductive Medicine | Dallas, TX| NBC-5-LogoEmbryoScope is a specialized incubator for IVF embryos that provides a time-lapse video of their development. It is designed to reduce risks from exposure to impurities in the air and to identify the best embryos for transfer by their cell-division patterns. Dr. Marius Meintjes, scientific director at Frisco Institute for Reproductive Medicine, shared its benefits with NBC News 5 and Dallas Innovates.

“It’s not as easy to tell which embryo is the best, but it’s fairly easy to tell which embryos are not good. By using this technology, we can now select between the embryos and find the one with the biggest implantation potential and give patients the best chance for a healthy baby.”

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