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The Facts Behind Secondary Infertility

Dr. Mehta tells SheKnows.com that older age of the mom can lead to infertility after a previous successful pregnancy.

Dr. Rinku Mehta, Medical Director at the Frisco Institute for Reproductive Medicine, was recently featured in an article for SheKnows.com that shared six facts about secondary infertility. This condition refers to a couple who is having problems conceiving after having a child in the past with no fertility problems. The topic has gained recent media attention after actress and model Molly Sims recently shared her fertility struggles getting pregnant with her third child.

Dr. Mehta said couples should consider possible lifestyle changes to try to prevent secondary infertility issues. But some unalterable factors increase the risk of difficulty.

“Age of the woman is the single most predictive factor regarding fertility. I would advise women to not wait too long between trying to have children if they were already over age 35 when they conceived the first time.” – Dr. Mehta

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