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The Essence of Success in Infertility Treatment

By Frisco Institute For Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Meintjes talks to NBC 5 about infertility as a disease – one that’s 100 % curable for most couples

Infertility treatment | Frisco Institute for Reproductive Medicine | Dallas, TX| NBC-5-Logo“The key is that it’s a disease like anything else, like heart disease,” Dr. Marius Meintjes told Dallas’ NBC 5 in discussing infertility. “What it takes to make a baby is sperm, a womb and an egg. If you have a problem with any one of those three, then you suffer from the disease of infertility. Unlike other diseases, it is very easy to treat.”

He goes on to discuss the spectrum of treatments, from simple and low-cost to the complicated and expensive. He points out that most couples with infertility get pregnant without needing the more expensive treatments. He also talks about the importance of support, and that most people giving up treatment too soon don’t get the emotional support they need.

Watch his encouraging video